• Please know that during this time when schools and school districts are adjusting to the current COVID orders, we are still reviewing permits.  Please continue to submit your permit with us.   Thank you for being patient and understanding that our timelines may change, but know that we will do all we can to continue to approve permits in a timely manner.   (For new interdistrict permits, we understand that it may take longer than planned to get the release from your district of residence, please continue to submit your permit with us.)


    We are currently accepting permit applications for the 2022-23 school year.



    Students must attend school in the district where their parent or legal guardian resides. However, the GUSD Board of Education recognizes the need, and provides an opportunity, for parents to request a permit for their child to attend a school other than their assigned school of residence. Permit requests may be made for enrollment in a specialized program or based on individual family or child needs. 


    Permits (new and renewal) are granted based on space availability and meeting established criteria for one of the listed permit reasons. 


    Please click one of the links below to start your Permit application:


    Intradistrict Permit Application

    For GUSD resident students wishing to attend a school other than their assigned school of residence.


    Interdistrict Permit Application

    For students living outside GUSD attendance boundaries wishing to attend a GUSD school.


    Board Policy – Interdistrict Permits



    Revocation of Interdistrict Permits:

    A student’s attendance in the District pursuant to an interdistrict permit is deemed a privilege, not a right. Permits are subject to cancellation at any time during the school year based on any of the circumstances listed in 1 through 4 below:

    1. Student misconduct, including, but not limited to, a violation of law, school rule or school    directive, whether or not such misconduct constitutes a violation of Education Code Section 48900, et seq.

    2. Failure of the student to maintain a satisfactory record of attendance.

    3. Failure of the student to maintain satisfactory grades.

    4. The school, grade, or program that the student attends becomes impacted as determined by the District.

    5. All transfers under this section shall be in effect as long as the qualifying employment and childcare remain the same.


    Interdistrict permit denials must be appealed in writing within 10 days of the District’s refusal to issue a permit according to the following sequence:

    (1)    The administrator of Student Support Services

    (2)    Superintendent or designee

    (3)    County Board of Education


    Persons having legal and physical custody shall be informed in writing of their right to appeal the denial of an interdistrict attendance permit to the Los Angeles County Board of Education.  Such appeal must be made within 30 calendar days of the District’s failure or refusal to issue a permit. Failure to appeal within the required time is good cause for denial of the appeal. An appeal shall be acted upon by the County Board of Education only upon verification by the County Board’s designee that appeals within the districts have been exhausted.  If new evidence or grounds for the request are introduced, the County Board may remand the matter for further consideration by the District or districts.



    Board Policy – Intradistrict Permits


    Revocation of Intradistrict Permits:

    Students approved for intradistrict permit placement shall abide by all school rules and procedures. Students may be transferred back to their home school of residence for any of the following reasons:

    1. Unsatisfactory attendance.

    2. Unsatisfactory behavior or citizenship.

    3. Failure to notify school of change of residence.

    Regulations regarding the issuance of intradistrict permits do not apply to cases in which it is determined that the student was not originally enrolled from a bona fide Glendale Unified School District address or in which families, for whatever reason, establish a secondary residence within the Glendale Unified School District. In such cases, when the invalid address is discovered or when the secondary residence is abandoned, the student’s eligibility to remain in the school of enrollment is terminated immediately. Revocation of permit will be based on race- and gender-neutral criteria and will apply to all schools equally.