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Middle School Orientation

  • Instructional programs in the middle schools have a dual focus:
    1. Continue to develop students’ skills in literacy (reading, speaking, listening and writing) as well as mathematics; and
    2. Prepare students both academically and socially for high school, while providing a firm foundation in helping to plan for college, career, and life’s goals.


    In Glendale Unified middle schools (grades 6-8 at Roosevelt, Wilson and Toll; grades 7-8 at Rosemont), the district strives to provide guidance that is so important during the years when students are "caught in the middle" between childhood and becoming a young adult. Standard requirements are the following courses:


    Sixth Grade — Math, science, English Language Arts, social studies, physical education, and one elective*. (Elective choices include Visual and Performing Arts and other courses to allow students to experience a variety of courses on campus.)


    Seventh Grade — English, mathematics, world history/social studies, science, physical education, and one elective*. (Elective choices include select classes including Visual and Performing Arts, Career Technical Education courses, STEM and Technology based classes, leadership, study skills classes, or world languages.)


    Eighth Grade — English, mathematics, science, United States history/social studies, physical education, and one elective*. (Elective choices include art, instrumental and choral music, industrial arts, computer applications, home arts, developmental reading, or foreign language.)


    Middle School students who require specialized academic support or who have been a part of the Foreign Language Academy of Glendale (FLAG) have the opportunity to take additional classes to develop skills in these areas. The classes may replace an elective class. 



    *In some cases, students may have the opportunity to have an additional elective through a zero period course.  Roosevelt has a seven period day, which gives all students two elective courses as part of the regular school day.

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