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    ORGANIZATION is key to your success in middle school.  You may either purchase a binder with divider tabs OR  simply use 2 different folders for my classes (English and Social Studies).  It is completely up to you.  Be sure to check with your other teachers as to what they prefer that you have.  For my classes, I have found that folders sometimes work better than binders. 


    Binder with dividers OR 2 folders

    Plenty of College Rule  binder paper - NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS, PLEASE.  THEY ARE MESSY!!

    1 Composition book - this will be used ONLY as a writing journal

    Pencils and Erasers


    1 or 2 colored Pens (any color except for black)

    Index Cards

    colored Pencils




    Small pencil sharpener with case to collect shavings

    Personal packs of tissue to keep in your backpack at all times (please do not purchase tissue boxes for the classroom)


    Please note:  State law requires us to provide a public education free of charge. Subject to certain exceptions, the right to a free public education means we cannot require students or their families to purchase supplies. Toll Middle School will provide all the necessary supplies for your child to have a quality educational experience. However, many parents choose the option of purchasing their own supplies, not only for use at home but for their child to use in the classroom. We encourage you to provide these supplies should you prefer your child to have a set of personal supplies in the classroom.





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