Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy (UPDATED)

    I will be updating my normal grading policy to adjust for the recent changes to our instruction.  Please check back soon for more information.  


    55% - Participation

    25% - Physical Assessments

    20% - Written Assessments

    Participation: This portion of your grade includes your daily participation, changing into your P.E. clothes, and general behavior.  Students earn 10 points per day based on being able to perform the following criteria:

    1. Performing daily activities to the best of your ability.
    2. Wearing the appropriate P.E. clothes (this includes clothes, shoes and socks).
    3. Using appropriate language towards other students and teachers.
    4. Performing the skill, game, or assessment to the best of your ability.

    Students can lose points based on the following infractions:

    1. Chewing gum, 5 points
    2. Not wearing a complete P.E. uniform, 4 points
    3. Not wearing either the correct shirt or shoes, 2 points
    4. Giving half effort, 5 points
    5. Refusing to participate or getting excluded from class, 10 points
    6. Wearing jewelry or a watch, 3 points
    7. Being kicked out of class for disciplinary reasons, 10 points
    8. Using profane language, 5 points

    Physical Assessments:  This portion of your grade reflects performances on a variety of physical assessments that test speed, strength, form, technique, and other components of physical fitness.  Examples of physical assessments can include:

    1. PACER test
    2. Mile Run
    3. Volleyball serving test
    4. Basketball shooting test
    5. 70m Hurdles

    Written Assessments:  This portion of your grade reflects performances on various written assessments that can test:

    1. Knowledge of individual skills and movements.
    2. Knowledge of strategy.
    3. Understanding of basic rules.


    The combination of the above categories gives students enough of an opportunity to express themselves freely and prove proficiency in a variety of tasks.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please feel free to email me. 

    A: 100-90%

    B: 89.99-80%

    C: 79.99-70%

    D: 69.99-60%

    F: 59.99% and below

    I do not round any grades up for any reason.  If at the end of a grading period your grade is a 89.7%, then the grade is a "B".  

    I rarely give extra credit, but when I do it will be given in the category that is where the student is weakest and in need of the most help.  For example: If a student is strong in daily participation but weak in written assessment then they will be given a make-up exam.  Again, it is very rare that I ever give any extra credit.  Students should rely on their daily participation and performing well on all assessments in order to earn a good grade.