• Paddleball Study Guide




    The game is played on the drawn-out courts, located on the east, west and south facing exterior gym walls. The white boundary lines separate the different courts. There are three (3) courts per side of the gym.


    · Courts 1,2 and 3 are located on the East side of the Gym area on the outdoor Volleyball court side

    · Courts 4, 5 and 6 are located on the South side of the building; where the mural wall is located

    · Courts 7, 8 and 9 are located on the West side of the gym on the Outdoor Basketball court side.

    · Court #1 is the first court located closest to the girl's locker room and Court #9 is the court located closest to the boy's locker room.

    · There is no space between any of the adjacent courts, so please do your best to keep your games within your boundary lines.


    The objective of the game is to win your matchup against the opposing team. At the end of the match, the victorious team will rotate to the next best court; moving up towards court #1. The losing team will rotate down to the next lower court, heading toward court #9.


    Game Play:


    The game is played by having two teams verse each other on one of the 9 courts. One player from each team enters the playing area.

    · The serving player will use the red paddle to strike and hit the ball off the gym wall to begin the game.

    · The ball must hit the gym wall first and bounce behind the service line before the opposing player can hit the ball on the return.

    · The returning hit must hit the gym wall first.

    · The serve can be done on any part of the serving area, so long as it is served from behind the service line.

    · A point is earned only if the ball hits outside the boundary lines, the ball hits the ground twice before it can be returned or the returning player is unable to return the ball properly.


    House Rules:


    · Playable area of the exterior Gym wall does not include the exposed bricks that are on the top portion of the gym. The bricks are considered out of bounds.

    · Exterior gym walls have exposed stud beams that also come into play. These beams are considered out of bounds. If the ball hits any of these portions of the wall, the ball is considered out of bounds.

    · Consider playing (hitting) the ball as close to the lower portion of the gym wall as possible. This helps in preventing the receiving player an opportunity of playing the ball properly.

    · Consider using the entire playing area if possible. If you make it difficult for your opponent to play the ball, the probability of them playing the ball properly is very low and advantageous for you and your team.




    · Score is maintained using the rule of "2's."

    · Serving player comes in and serves twice. At the end of their two serves, the serving player rotates and become the receiving player and the opposing student gets to serve for two serves.

    · At the end of these 4 serves, both players rotate out and a new set of players come in to continue the gameplay.

    · Score is carried over until the end of the match.