Mr. Tony Lockhart

  • I was born in Tehran, Iran and was raised in Glendale, California. After earning a Bachelors in Arts from California State University Los Angeles in 2003, I pursued a career in the Arts. I returned to CSULA in 2010 to earn a single subject teaching credential and am currently taking coursework to earn a Master of Art in Education Technology. I enjoyed the great privilege of joining the Clark team during the 2020 school year and began building a robust, industry and standards aligned 2D animation program. I value the positive school culture, robust technology offering, and academically focused student population at Clark.


    Here's a story about how college changed my life:Mr. Lockhart in the animation lab at Clark Magnet High School.


    I made the mistake of financing a car when starting college, and subsequently chose to work 40 hours a week to make the monthly payment. With the demands of a full time job, academics assumed a lower priority and my grades started to drop significantly. Within two years, I had learned very little, developed poor study habits, and wasted my opportunity for a quality education. As a result, I was put on academic probation and my Cal Grants were revoked. I had also noticed that my friends were transferring to Cal State and UC schools, while I had to start paying to retake classes I had failed in the past.


    Motivated now to do well, I changed over to part time status at work and took 18 units a semester. The stress of this work load and the loss of a social life made me realize how irresponsible I had been. After two grueling years, I was finally back on track and ready to transfer to a Cal State. The silver lining is that I developed strong study habits, time management skills, and meaningful priorities. I also learned that wasting time in school cost me a considerable amount of time, money, and growth potential. 


    Upon returning to CSULA in 2010, I had an entirely different perspective on my learning strategy. Schooling became my number one priority despite having a full time job. I would actively participate in class, do the readings before the lectures in class, and get involved with learning communities in my cohort. As a result, my graduate GPA was much higher than my undergraduate GPA and I earned my teaching credential with relatively little stress. As a graduate student I go out of my way to help peers, make it common practice to network, and strive to find real life connections with the concepts I am learning.


    Degrees and Certification:

    Bachelor of Arts in Animation, CSULA 2003

    Single Subject Teaching Credential, CSULA 2011

    Masters of Art in Education Technology, CSULA in progress (completion in May, 2022)


    Contact Information:

    Mr. Tony Lockhart

    Animation Teacher

    Clark Magnet High School

    818.248.8324 x6301
    Animation YouTube Channel