Coding Program




    Cerritos is  proud to be partnering with Code to the Future 


    At Cerritos Elementary: 


    *All students TK - 6th grade code at Cerritos.  The coding is taught during the day   as part of the curriculum.


    *Coding projects are integrated into the curriculum. Students' projects are integrated as part of Science, Social Studies and ELA.  


    *There are coding 3 cycles of in one year (1 per trimester).  All students begin with Scractch which is a block-based coding program. Projects may begin with students adding sprites, backgrounds, sound and motion to coding a full presentation in Social Studies and Science and creating games. 


    During the second cycle, students in TK -1st grade work with Lego bricks to design a 3-D project, which is then coded using Scratch.  Students in 2nd-3rd grade work with the Lego WeDo robots. They assemble the robots and create a story line that ties into the coding and movement of the robots.  Students in 4th -6th grade assemble and code the robots to create different motions such as behaving as a specific animal to completing a full mission. 


    In the third cycle, students move from block based coding to text coding using Minecraft.  Projects are integrated into the curriculum where students  develop a world based on what is being learned in the core curriculum.  



    coding cycles



                                                                                                                SCRATCH projects


                                       Scratch                                                     science coding         




                                                                            Lego Wedo Coding  and EV3 Robot Coding


                        coding We Do                           Doing Ev3




                                                                                      Minecraft Code Builder Projects



                              egypt mindcraft             code builder



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