Attendance FAQ


    Regular attendance is one of the most important requirements for a successful school year. Students with perfect attendance are recognized at the end of the year.



    1.  How is a student’s attendance monitored by the Attendance Office? 



    Excused absences: These are absences due to the following: a student’s illness, injury, or quarantine under the direction of the City or County Health Office; a student’s medical, dental, optical, or chiropractic appointment; a student’s failure to present evidence of Immunizations (Ed Code 46010); personal counseling, attendance at a funeral of a member of the immediate family; and any absence due to disaster (e.g., earthquake, flood, fire). The parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office to excuse any absence. A doctor’s note, which must be presented to the Attendance Office, is also acceptable as an excused absence.



    Personal Absences – These are absences due to the following: court appearance, religious holiday/ceremony, or studio work. The parent/guardian should notify the Attendance Office in advance by either phone or in writing. Family vacations and other absences not due to illness or a reason listed above are considered unexcused according to California Education Code.



    2.  How do I call to excuse an absence?


    The parent/guardian should call the Attendance Office before 9:00 am on the first day of each absence. Phone numbers to call:


    Attendance Office: (818) 244-8414, or Toll’s 24 hours Absence Line: (818) 247-3980.  


    When calling to excuse an absence, please provide the following information:


    Student’s full name,

    Student’s ID number,

    Date(s) of absence,

    Reason for the absence,

    Name and relationship of the parent/guardian calling. 


    If you are unable to make contact with the school by phone, your son or daughter MUST bring a signed note from the parent/guardian on the day the student returns to school. The note must include: date, student’s full name, student’s ID number, date(s) of absence, reason for the absence, and the signature of the parent or guardian.  ANY ABSENCE NOT CLEARED WITHIN THREE SCHOOL DAYS WILL BE RECORDED AS A TRUANCY. A truancy is an unexcused absence and multiple truancies will result in a Student Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting with a Toll Administrator. If the attendance issues continue, students and families are referred to the District for a Student Attendance Review Board meeting.



    3.  What if I must leave school during school hours?


    The student’s parent/guardian should call the Attendance Office or send a written note indicating what time the student will leave school and the reason for the early dismissal (e.g., medical, dental, or other appointments). The student will be called to the Attendance Office. The parent/guardian will need to come to the Attendance Office to sign the student out of school. Students will only be released to the parent/guardian or any names listed on the student’s emergency contact information on file.



    4.  How do I complete my homework if I am sick?  


    If you miss less than three days of school, contact a classmate and/or check the website for a list of assignments. If you are absent for more than 3 days, contact the Counseling Office for guidance.



    5.  What happens if I am tardy?   


    Any students arriving late to school must come to the Attendance Office and sign in. They will be given a tardy pass before going to class. Parents/guardians should call the Attendance Office or send a note (i.e., doctor’s note or a written note by parent/guardian) with the student to excuse his/her tardy. Students who are late without an excuse will get an unexcused tardy.  Please note that tardies will negatively affect citizenship grades.



    6.  What do I do if my address or phone number changes? 


    Any changes in address or telephone number must be reported to the Attendance Office or Counseling Office immediately. New addresses must be verified by a current utility bill (e.g., telephone, gas, DWP) in the parent’s name. Current phone numbers are required in case of emergencies. If you move to another school within the Glendale Unified School District or a neighboring district and wish to have your child continue at this school for the remainder of the term, you may be eligible to do so.  Please check in the school Attendance Office to obtain detailed district regulations regarding intra- and inter-district permit requirements.  If it is discovered that you have failed to report a change of address to another school attendance area, your child will not be eligible for a permit to continue at this school.