Past Storytelling Nights

  • Thank you to everyone who turned out for our VW Virtual Storytelling Nights and thank you to our teachers for taking the time to read some wonderful books. Click on each Storytelling Night to see what books were read! If you enjoyed them, please consider purchasing them from our local Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose and VW gets 10% of the proceeds!


    Once Upon A Time Bookstore

    2207 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

    (818) 248-9668


  • May: Mrs. Henschel & Mr. Ouweleen

  • Special Event: Local Author Ms. Narine Minasyan

  • April: Mrs. Fujie & Mrs. Arias

  • March: Mrs. Frink & Mrs. Woodward

  • February: Mrs. Sablan, Mrs. Rossi, & Mr. Jaffe

  • January: Mrs. Provost, Mr. Yi & Dr. Mason

  • December: Mrs. Tanabe, Ms. N. Turner & Mr. Sloane

  • November: Mrs. Haug & Mrs. Miketta

  • October: Mrs. Galaz & Mrs. Abranian

  • September: Mrs. Henschel & Mr. Ouweleen