• The Dual Spanish Immersion Program is a challenging and rigorous academic program in which Spanish is used as the primary language of instruction.  Dual Language Immersion offers fluency in a second language, an intellectual challenge, and cultural enrichment.  The program offers a unique opportunity for both native English-speaking children and Spanish-speaking children to work together to develop academic fluency in both English and Spanish.  Edison was recently recognized as an International Spanish Academy (ISA) under the Spanish Consulate.  Many new and wonderful opportunities will be available to our students and families as an ISA school (more information to come).  When students enter the program in Kindergarten or 1st grade, 90% of the instruction is in Spanish and 10% in English.  Eventually, instruction becomes 50% in each language by fifth grade.  

    The goals of our program are the following:
    • To develop academic language proficiency in English and Spanish. 
    • To ensure academic excellence that meets or exceeds District and State Standards.
    • To cultivate understanding and appreciation of multiple cultures, gain self-esteem and to strengthen positive attitudes towards peers, family, and community.
    The program is aligned to the State’s rigorous content standards and uses the District core curriculum.  Participation is voluntary.