Gifted and Talented Education

  • How Are Gate Students Identified in GUSD?


    In GUSD, multiple measures are used to identify gifted and talented students.  Toll students in 6th grade who achieve a specified benchmark in Mathematics and/or English Language Arts on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) are invited to participate in further testing to determine whether they meet the gifted and talented criteria established by GUSD.  Students identified as GATE prior to 6th grade continue their GATE identification through secondary school.  

    Students who meet the CAASPP benchmark are invited to take the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8).  This test assesses a student's ability to reason abstractly using verbal and nonverbal skills.  The test is based on a student's innate ability to reason: no preparation or instruction is necessary prior to testing.  A student must score in the 92nd percentile or higher on the OLSAT in order to receive a gifted and talented designation within GUSD.


    What Are The Activities For Identified GATE students?


    District Level Activities:


    • Invention Convention:  Students are invited to use their problem solving and creative thinking skills to invent new products or redesign current products. Students display their inventions at the annual Invention Convention at Glendale High School.  Inventions are judged by a panel of community members, and winning awards are honored at a District ceremony.


    • Middle School Spelling Bee:  High-achieving students are invited to participate in the annual District Spelling Bee which is held at the District Administration Office.


    • Math Field Day:  High-achieving math students are invited to participate in math enrichment classes at Toll to prepare for the District wide Math Field Day competition.  Identified students in 6th grade practice math skills including computation and problem solving to prepare for the District competition which is held each spring at La Crescenta Elementary School. 


     Site Level Activities:


    • Invention Convention Classes:  Identified GATE students are invited to participate in afterschool classes which help guide them through the development of their invention.  Classes are held in the fall and led by Mr. Trinidad.


    • Middle School Spelling Bee:  Middle School students are invited to participate in classes to prepare for the annual GUSD Spelling Bee in the Spring.  After-school, classes are held to prepare students and led by a Toll teacher.


    • Math Field Day Classes:  Identified high-achieving math students are invited to classes to prepare for the District Math Field Day Competition. Classes are held afterschool in the spring semester.


    Are There Any Parent Meetings For Families Of GATE students?


    GUSD holds two meetings each year for families of students who have been identified as meeting the District's GATE criteria.  These meetings feature guest speakers who have expertise in topics related to the education of gifted and talented students.