• Dear Students, 


    Counselors will be gone for summer break beginning June 19. We wish you a safe, healthy and relaxing summer! We are looking forward to seeing you in the 2020-2021 school year. Stay well!



    Mrs. Turdjian and Ms. Margaryan



    Mrs. Karine Turdjian: Last Names A-E (Grades 9-11) & A-Kha (12th Grade Only)  kturdjian@gusd.net

    Ms. Lucy Cerda: Last Names F-O (Grades 9-11)  lcerda@gusd.net

    Ms. Anna Margaryan: Last Names P-Z (Grades 9-11) & Khe-Z (12 Grade Only)  amargaryan@gusd.net


    Important Reminders:


    1) Please continue to email your counselors with your requests prior to that deadline. Any requests to drop an AP class after that deadline WILL NOT be honored.


    2) If you are completing a GCC application for fall Dual Enrollment or Jump Start please input Mrs. Kortoshian's contact information as she will be approving and signing GCC digital applications during summer. DO NOT input your counselor's contact information or email your counselor with your application as counselors will not be approving and signing forms during the summer. If you send the form to your counselors, this could create an unnecessary delay in proccessing your application.


    3) If you have submitted a digital GCC application or have questions about your GCC courses please check on the status of your enrollment by visiting your MyGCC Portal or contacting GCC directly at dual@glendale.edu 


    4) If you are taking GCC classes in the fall, DO NOT select "remote" classes that begin prior to 3pm on weekdays as these classes will require you to login in for instruction during the designated time. This will create a scheduling conlict with your Clark classes. Please either select "online" classes or a "remote" class that occurs after 3pm. If you select a "remote" class during the hours of 8am-3pm, you will be dropped from the class.


    5) If you need a work permit please complete the top portion of the Work Permit Application (Attached Here)  with your personal and school information, and have this signed by the Emplyer and Parent/Guardian. When completed by all parties, please scan and email this form along with your photo ID to Dr. Narineh Makijan, nmakijan@gusd.net. Once received, Dr. Makijan will issue your work permit.