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Mrs. Debbie Huang

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818-249-5871 x.7206


**UPDATE FOR CLASS AS OF 3/27/2020**

I will be meeting with class periods according to the following schedule using the Zoom app (you must download). 

     Per. 2: Tuesday 3/31 @9:30am

     Per. 3: Tuesday 3/31 @10:30am

     Per. 4: Monday 3/30 @11:30am

     Per. 5: Monday 3/30 @1:30pm

     Per. 6: Monday 3/30 @2:30pm

You will receive the zoom code/link on as well as through google classroom. 

Also, please be aware that the district did a universal reset on all GUSD student email accounts (including access to google classroom). 

The password configuration will be:

gusd + 6-digit Student ID + !

Example: gusd123456!


Student username will follow the same syntax as last year:

Initial of first name + First 3 letters of last name + Last 4 of student ID

Example: jsmi3456 (James Smith, ID 123456)


**UPDATE FOR CLASS AS OF 3/26/2020**

Please download the Zoom app for our class sessions, which will begin next Monday! See you then! 



1. Sign up for a remind account for my class. Email me if you need the code.




1. Sign up for google classroom. Email me if you need the code.


2. Materials you will want for remote learning

          Integrated Math 2 accelerated - Through, we should be able to have access to the textbook and assignments. There should be no need to go to campus for your textbook. If you prefer to have a physical textbook, please understand the risk you take by going to campus. I have no idea if the textbook room will even be open for checkout - I would assume not. You will need access to a computer/laptop, internet. I plan on utilizing google classroom,, and youtube/zoom/google meet. I may add to this list. 

          Math Analysis Honors - You will need access to the textbook. If you do not have your textbook with you, ask around as there are people who had a digital version. I cannot help with the digital copy but I'm sure you can find someone who has it. I plan on utilizing google classroom and youtube/zoom/google meet. I may add to this list. 


3. Integrated Math 2 students, go to and try to login in using your gusd google email account and password. If you cannot log in, then please email me. This link will get you to Alternatively, you may also log in to your clever account if you know how to access clever already. 

Here is a quick video about how to log on and use the online resources for our textbook.


*If you have difficulty accessing a laptop/computer and/or internet, I believe that the school will be handing out materials this coming Friday - read the email sent out from the school for details. 

*I will be working out the details of how content will be taught, how assessments will look like and how grading will look like for this last quarter. I want to stress that I understand how difficult this whole situation is and that we will get through this together. 


I miss you all! I plan on yelling in your ears from ankle level again soon!