The DEADLINE to purchase a yearbook on preorder was  
    April 3, 2020 @ SNACK
    ($90 CASH, CHECK OR CC @ the student store OR CC online)
    *after the deadline you can only purchase the yearbook for CASH when they arrive in May while supplies last 
     *SAVE your RECEIPT or CANCELLED CHECK until you receive your book at distribution!!




    Thursday August 29, 2019 Last Day to get LOWEST prices of the year
    Tuesday September 10, 2019 Make-Up Photo Day (freshmen, sophomores, juniors)
    Saturday October 26, 2019 Last Day to take Senior Portrait @
                                                      Bronson for the 2019 yearbook.
    Thursday November 21, 2019 Deadline for Senior Personals
    (click on link to the upper/left for more details - YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE TALON STAFF TO PLACE A SENIOR PERSONAL)
    Saturday November 9, 2019 Deadline for Seniors to tell Bronson which senior portrait for the 2019 Talon yearbook (this is for paid sittings only - if you do not specify, Bronson will choose for you)
    Friday January 24, 2020 Deadline for verifying your photo and name spelling.
    (daily in room 5101 at lunch only)
    Friday April 3, 2020 Deadline for preordering a yearbook the student store.
    (after will be cash sales only when the books arrive - price will go up)