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    Monte Vista Library System

    Library Policies
    Books are checked out for 1 week and can be renewed for an additional week.

    Late fees are 5¢ a day per book.

    Lost books are charged a replacement fee of $10-$30 depending on the size and availability.

    Damaged books are charged a fine of $1-$10 depending on the severity of the damage. If the book is damaged beyond repair, a replacement fee will apply.

    All money paid to the library goes toward the purchase of new books and book-care supplies.

    Overdue Notices
    The blue fine slips are printed on Thursday mornings. The slip reflects the status of your child's library book at the time of printing.

    If a slip says "Total Est. Fines:" then your child has NOT returned the book yet. This is the estimated fine the late book has accrued so far. The fine will continue to grow until the book is returned to the library. Fines cannot be paid until the book is returned.

    If the slip says "Total:" then the book has been returned, but it was late. The fine will not increase, but should be paid as soon as possible.

    Please make sure the fine is labeled with your child's name and class. Putting it in a baggie or an envelope or taping it to the blue slip are great ideas. Please don't tape it to the book. Thanks!