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peer tutoring

    • Always talk to your teacher first about how to improve your grades in their class.

    • Students need a tutoring pass from their teacher to use enrichment time for tutoring on Tuesdays and Fridays only. See the enrichment schedule below.

    • Teachers communicate regularly with their students to set up time to get help from them directly. It can happen before school, during lunch, enrichment time (Tuesdays & Fridays only with a tutoring pass), or after school. 

    • Students are expected to stay in class during enrichment time on Wednesday and complete their Sown to Grown prompt check-ins, Watch Tornado TV,  & on Thursday to join our counselors and admins during Student Connect. See the enrichment schedule below.  

    • Please see the turoting flyers for more information.

    • Governor Newsom Announces Free Online Tutoring Available to All Californians, $254 Million in Grants to Improve Libraries Across the State. The link for the online free tutoring is: https://main_castatehelpnow_ca.svc.brainfuse.com/authenticate.asp