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Transitioning to the Core

GUSD 4 Year Transition



The Glendale Unified School District has a four-year plan to transition to the Common Core State Standards. This plan is aligned with our current professional development programs and with the GUSD Strategic Plan that was adopted by the Board of Education this year. 

The new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will focus on instruction around concepts and skills to help students develop a deeper understanding of core material and develop critical thinking skills across the disciplines. The plan began in the fall of 2011 with awareness-building among our teachers and administrators about the instructional shifts within the new standards. The district created four Common Core Cadre groups, two for elementary and two for secondary, to help with the awareness plan and to support schools as they make the transition to Common Core instruction in later years.


This year, 2013-2014, teachers are engaged in a deep examination of the new Common Core Anchor Standards for Literacy. These Common Core Anchor standards delineate reading, writing, listening and speaking skills students utilize across curriculum at all grade levels. Teacher leaders are creating professional development modules around these key literacy standards and strengthening core instruction of literacy practices. Students are learning to build knowledge through content-rich texts, discussion and expression of ideas.

In year three, teachers will begin the additional implementation of the new, content-area standards, particularly in Mathematics and Science. Teachers and administrators will continue to focus on strengthening core instruction and developing rigorous curricular units. Students will be expected to become more fluent in their comprehension of information texts, with an increase in the amount reading and writing in all content areas. There will also be a shift in the use of technology in the classroom as students prepare to take the "on-line" assessment currently being developed.
In the final year of implementation, GUSD students will be fully immersed in the new Common Core State Standards. Assessments will change to Common Core tests that will require more informational reading and writing, critical thinking and use of technology. This transition will fully prepare students for the 21st Century!


This is an exciting time for the profession of education and for the students of Glendale Unified,and we are excited to taking this journey with our students, parents, and community! 
Last Modified on November 1, 2013
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